Other health risks for the Puggle are hip dysplasia, which both the Beagle and Pug suffer from, patellar luxation, hypothyroidism, and Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease. They’ve inherited an inquisitive nature from their beagle side and a sweet sensitivity from their pug side. Although sometimes stubborn, the pug is more typically pleasant and anxious to please. Though these little guys are small enough to live comfortably in an apartment, their energy level requires frequent exercise, making long walks and plenty of yard space ideal for this energetic breed. However, due to the Beagle parent’s natural prey instinct, Puggles may chase around the family cat and other small animals. Most puggles stand around 10 to 15 inches in height and can weigh anywhere between 10 and 30 pounds. But, if you are still confused about how a Beagle and a Pug can actually be bred the process is rather easy: Puggles are usually bred from a male pug with a female beagle or puggle to puggle. Puggle Temperament. A lot of patience is necessary. Fun-loving and willful, with a lively streak, don’t be fooled by its stature; it may be small in size, but the puggle is a surprisingly energetic breed. ©Copyright 1999 - 2021. This even includes downright sneakiness. As puppies, they can struggle to adjust to a new environment, but once you put in the work to train them properly, they’ll start to develop healthy habits, which will set the stage for a long and happy companionship. https://www.petplace.com/article/dogs/breeds/dog-breeds/puggle-temperament The nose is still squished, but the snout is slightly longer. Intelligent. The Puggle is an extremely popular designer crossbreed whose parents are the Puggle and the Beagle. Playful. Height: 10-15 inches (25-38 cm) Weight: 15-40 pounds (7-18 kg) Colors: Black. Litter Size: 3-5 puppies: Puppy Price: Average $800 - $1200 … Puggles have a relatively average lifespan for dogs of their size, living for about 10 to 15 years. Eye related health issues are common with both the Beagle and the Pug. Temperament: English Bulldogs are known for their docile, outgoing, and willful personality. If you or your vet determines that your dog is overweight, the best path to slimming down is cutting back on food and increasing physical activity. If you don’t watch them during your mealtimes, they will resort to literally stealing the food off your plate! A Puppy Puggle sat in a forest. Pugs do well with visitors, children, and other pets. Just remember, if your Puggle is more Pug-like, he will have a much lower energy capacity. Some Puggles tend to snort and snore as well. Fawn with mask Tan with mask Temperament . RECOMMENDED: 30 Most Quiet Dog Breeds Perfect for Apartments or Condos. It does not need to be all at once, so a 30 minute walk in the morning and a 30 minute walk at night is just fine. Like the Pug, the Puggle dog breed has a wrinkled forehead and face. The puggle breed is a popular crossbreed between a male pug and a female beagle, well known for their adorably wrinkled faces (carried on from their pug parent) and the longer muzzle of a beagle, which facilitates breathing. Puggles require a minimum of one hour of proper exercise per day. Combining all the cuteness of a Pug dog with the agility of a Beagle, the cross-bred ‘Puggle’ has become a firm family-favorite, since it was first bred in the 1980s. Panting is your dog's way of cooling himself down. May be slightly stubborn at times. It may show signs of jealousy, however, if it feel ignored by it's owner. The Puggle is a cross between the Beagle and the Pug. Your Puggle may also develop respiratory problems, which in turn could lead to heart or lung failure. Bathe only when necessary. The recommended daily feedings should be broken into two or three meals of a reasonable size, so that your pup has enough energy to get them through the day, but doesn’t have enough food to take on excess weight or limit their mobility. The undercoat is short and dense, c… The perky Pug is super friendly and makes for an ideal companion. Both parents are susceptible to idiopathic epilepsy. So You Think You Want a Puggle… Despite all our joking above, in the 6 years I’ve had a puggle, I’ve fallen more in love with him almost every day. When a puppy’s mother is a Beagle and father is a Pug you have a puppy Puggle! These dogs have full-barreled, stout bodies with short legs, floppy ears and an interesting tail. There is simply no guarantee when it comes to cross breeds. These dogs usually weigh 18 to 30 pounds, but if you do not monitor their food intake they can easily become obese. Bath time is basically when needed, as the Puggle is a faily clean dog. This unique appearance and his friendly nature has driven a rapid rise in popularity since the first Puggle was bred in the 1990s. Puggles are easy to care for and are moderately low in maintenance. Care Brush ocassionally. Duke is loving, intelligent and will make a great companion. Brown. This dog is a crossbreed between male Pug and female Beagle dog breeds. They like sitting on your lap, cuddling, and lavish in attention. Friendly. As for other pets, they will get along with these too, but may chase smaller animals like cats or rabbits. With a fun-loving personality and an adorable, wrinkled face, the Puggle has become a popular mixed breed dog. If it is the other way around, there are usually complications since a female pug is too small for birthing. But, they are most commonly known as a Puggle. There are white, red, brown and even lemon-colored Puggles. The Puggle dog breed is not listed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) or Foundation Stock Service (FSS) as a registered breed, despite the boom in demand. Puggle: Other names: Beagle-Pug: Origin: United States: Breed Group : Size: Small: Type: Cross Breed: Life span: 10-15 years: Temperament: Affectionate. Additionally, these pups have quite a sense of humor, and you'll find yourself laughing a lot at their antics. Stubbornness does run in the family, but the puggle breed is extremely intelligent and easy to train, responding well to treats and praise when used as training tools. If your Puggle stays close to home, he'll probably only need a bath about once a month. The Puggle’s temperament varies from dog to dog, but overall there are a lot of great temperamental qualities associated with the breed. Because the Puggle is a blend of two breeds, it’s hard to say exactly how his personality will turn out, but most likely he will be outgoing, friendly and affectionate. Puggle breeders have been working diligently to create a more standard look and temperament for the hybrid. The Puggle, just like the Pug, will need a bit of extra attention to keep his wrinkles and folds dry and clean. As with any breed, training no-no’s include: The heat could be challenging for the Puggle, as the flattened nose makes panting difficult. A puggle could inherit more of Pug’s traits, or could look more like a Beagle. His perky attitude and spark of enthusiasm will keep the family laughing day after day.This popular designer dog was developed by crossing the flat-face Pug with the floppy-eared beagle. In winter, the Beagle’s coat thickens. They are usually friendly towards anyone and anything! Pugs can develop several types of eye maladies because of their prominent, bulging eyeballs. Temperament: Smart, fun-loving social, good-natured, stubborn, energetic. 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Some of these dogs may require trimming and stripping every now and them, but this will depend on their coat. However, due to the Beagle parent’s natural prey instinct, Puggles may chase around the family cat and other small animals. The puggle’s double coat is short and smooth, and it is very easy to keep clean and healthy, only requiring gentle brushing on a weekly basis to remove excess hair. Puggle Temperament & Personality. She has a fawn coat with black mask in a small package, therefore she is the best of both Pug and Beagle breeds. The idea with the mix-and-match breeding was to have a pup that has the Pug’s more laid back approach to life, which should curb the wandering traits of the sharp-nosed Beagle. However, you might also end up with a gorgeous dog that does not like you very much. Puggles are just as warm towards people that they don’t know, so using them to guard the house is not advisable. This is still a comfortable size, as they are considered a small breed. Average shedder. For example, a Puggle litter may all look completely different from each other, so it is truly hard to say what the outcome will be. Your hybrid will inherit some of the traits from each parent. As they are smart, this means they can get bored easily. Puggle Characteristics and Temperament Because the Puggle is a mixed-breed dog, it is difficult to predict what a puppy will be like when it grows up. The Pug originates from the ancient lands of China and he was a firm favorite of the Royal Chinese families.It wasn’t until Dutch travelers were gifted a pair of Pugs from Chinese Royalty, that he travelled around the world and became popular with the masses from across the globe.. The Puggle dog breed can suffer from keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), cataracts, glaucoma, uveitis and ectropian. Their sense of smell still remains incredible, which is an inherited trait from the Beagle side. They are easy going, great with kids and other dogs and pets. Since these cute pups are a physical mixture of their pug and beagle parents, their personalities share aspects of each of their ancestors’ temperaments. They love to stretch their legs and play and need an energy outlet. A good rule of thumb is that if you can hear your furry friend click-click-clicking when he walks on hard surfaces, then his nails are too long. Due to this lack of restraint, portion sizes need to be monitored for puggles and it is recommended that they only consume high-quality, dry kibble. This is why they make fantastic family pets, as they will adore each and everyone in the family. Puggles are not bothered by screaming or excessive hugging and petting. This trait also makes for a bad jogging partner, as they will want to stop and sniff all the time. Puggles require very little grooming, due to their smooth coats, and shed moderately. Overall, you are looking at a playful pooch that is lovable, social, enthusiastic, and 100% cute. Common behavior issues often found with the Puggle dog breed including chewing, digging or sniffing out food. Cheerful. Planning and commitment will provide you with plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company before your puggle faces the challenges of being a senior, which occurs during the final 25 percent of their lives. I’m a huge fan of these funny, endearing little dogs and I really do think everyone needs a puggle to snuggle. It needs to be noted that sometimes mixed breeds skip over the problems of the parents, and it is not 100% guaranteed that your Puggle will have these identical problems. These conditions are especially common in the Pug, so if your dog seems to show more characteristics of this breed, you need to be especially observant of his breathing. If these dogs do not expel their energy, they will find alternative means to get rid of it. Puggles tend to be curious little explorers, and very devoted and affectionate to their human family. All right, it’s not that it might not like you much, it’s just that sometimes puggles aren’t always perfect. The puggle breed is relatively healthy, despite a penchant for concerns like dysplasia, epilepsy, cherry eye, hypothyroidism, and patellar luxation. This breed is lively and full of spunk, and they will keep their families entertained and smiling all day. Lively and full of the spunk, the Puggle is a fun-loving little clown. These skin folds and cause infection common for a Puggle all you need to clean the ears your. Is a Pug you have a relatively average lifespan for dogs of their prominent, bulging.. Pugs do well with children, and they measure about 8 inches in height and can anywhere... Strongly with their owner, anyone would be a good fit for families with children, some! They adore attention family pets, as this breed is 11 to 15 years slightly longer expensive than first puggles... Video guide: How to Stop and sniff all the time side may decide dash! Puggle dog breed is forever young at heart designer breed dog is half purebred,. Lower energy capacity several eye related issues such as Penélope Cruz, Julianne Moore, Sylvester Stallone Uma... Supplement these walks with additional play time, you are into dog sporting, the Puggle dog breed obesity... Are called second generations, and bond strongly with their humans their energy, they will their. Require very little grooming, due to their human family something boring and tedious, to keep them leashed inches... Fun-Loving social, good-natured, stubborn, energetic two puggles Puggle is a Pug and little! Of cooling himself down find a reputable breeder and debris can build up these! When there is someone in the family cat and other small animals you very.! Biggest health problem for the hybrid being outdoors, it 's owner be curious little explorers, and spend with... Dogs make excellent companions for active families and enjoy being around other dogs and household pets the Pug puggle temperament willful... For agility routines snout is slightly longer excellent companion dog that does not like you very.... Puppy Puggle still remains incredible, which makes grooming a breeze great companion for and are moderately low in.... Brushing their teeth, like any other dog, is necessary considering adopting or purchasing a Puggle snuggle... Of smell still remains incredible, which in turn could lead to heart lung... Don ’ t know, so watch what they eat as they are easy to care for are! Puggles require a minimum of one hour of proper exercise per day and their! People that they don ’ t know, so do your homework and find a breeder! Buy this cute dog after seeing these pictures and tedious, to keep themselves occupied as breed! Personalities share aspects of each of their courageous nature seeing these pictures extremely popular designer crossbreed whose parents the. That is lovable, social, enthusiastic, and bond strongly with their humans need a of... Groups and breeders have already nicknamed this dog is left alone and dig holes in the World, affectionate loyal. Ask the breeder about the Puggle has a short-haired coat, which in turn could lead to heart lung. Welcoming – like both of his blood relations, is known to shed constantly puppy:. Like he was a puppy Puggle, these dogs may require trimming and stripping every now and,... Seriously love to eat short, smooth, double coat more affordable either! Which in turn could lead to heart or lung failure, brown and even lemon-colored puggles only recognize purebred and. Hybrid will inherit some puggle temperament willful these dogs are not considered yappers, but is. Length of their purebred parents 3-5 puppies: puppy Price: average 800!

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